Counter-Strike 1.6 Original English version with bots

Counter-Strike 1.6 Original English version with bots

Build a game client based on the original Counter-Strike 1.6 license client. This version is a complete copy of the latest stable update from Valve. It has a fully English interface including sounds, chat and any other elements. This old school build cs 1.6 will only be loved by real connoisseurs of classics in the original Counter-Strike wrapper.

CS 1.6 Original
  1. Clean version Counter-Strike 1.6
  2. Fully in English
  3. Configured for comfortable play
  4. Installed protection from advertising and damage your config
  5. All tabs are working
  6. Quality and interesting servers in the search for "Internet"

Gameplay in CS 1.6

The essence of the game lies in the confrontation of two teams: terrorists and counter-terrorists.
The task of the terrorists is to plant a bomb and detonate it as soon as possible, when a team of counter-terrorists should not give the opposite team a bomb, thereby destroying them before it is laid.
On different maps in cs 1.6 there is a different gameplay, on the maps where hostages are set, the special forces team needs to take the hostages from the captivity of the terrorists as quickly as possible and save them. For rescuing hostages, a player is charged a large amount of money in the form of a bonus for rescuing hostages, and the game round ends.
At the beginning of the first round of the new map, all players are given $ 800 for which the player buys ammunition: grenades and a pistol or just cartridges. In many cases, players buy a Deagle pistol in the first round of a new card, and rightly so, as this is a powerful weapon with a high level of damage, due to which you can kill an opponent with two or one cartridge in the head.

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DownLoadCS 1.6
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The best tactic in the game, if you play for yourself, is to die as little as possible, thus you will have enough money to buy yourself new ammunition or weapons each round. Each round, try not to be fully procured, or else you bought a complete set of everything, went to the open area and got a bullet in the forehead. With such success, you will quickly get bored with the game, try to buy, for example, cartridges in medium quantities, for example: you bought M-16 and bought 25/35 cartridges for it, that's enough for a whole round. And so round after round, in the end, you can accumulate on awp, with this weapon it is much easier to put the top five opponents in one round. You can even drop the drop of your weapon, your team mates. This will help you win almost every round if you participate in a championship or LAN game. It is worth remembering that if your entire team starts playing along the same lines as you, then this guarantees a 100% chance of winning.